Who We Are

The traffic cone is a ubiquitous symbol of the dysfunctional beauty of New Orleans. You see traffic cones all over the city, from the mansions of the Garden District to the shotguns of The Lower Ninth Ward. They lead us not into potholes but delivers us from broken axles and flat tires.

This inspired the Krewe of Conus, to honor and satirize, to praise and rant about, to love, improve, and experience New Orleans. We are not just about satire, not just about Mardi Gras. We are dedicated to public service year-round, and to making life in New Orleans just a little bit easier for all of its people.

The cone is not just about potholes. The Cone is a metaphor for overcoming everyday obstacles of New Orleans life. The Cone symbolizes efforts to shield us from disaster, avert misfortune, heal the broken. The Cone is not the pothole. The Cone warns us, protects us, guides us.

Healthcare workers are the Cone. Teachers are the Cone.
Firefighters running into burning buildings are the Cone.
People who cook for the homeless, or stock community fridges around New Orleans are the Cone.
Waiters and servers during COVID are the Cone.

We do our best to fill the holes in New Orleans. That is who we are.

Participation is voluntary and can be variable based on your comfort level. If you want to show up wearing funny hats, dance, parade, and then go home, that’s great! If you want to participate in activities that support your community, we encourage that! If you want to invest your personal and professional skills in media, technology, law, accounting, or marketing, your skills are welcome and appreciated! However, all efforts on the behalf of Conus belong to the Krewe.

Much love, we'll see you there, be safe!
Laysay lei bond romps rooyay!
Mucho amor, alli nos vemos, tengan cuidado!


What We Do

We Conevene.

The Krewe of Conus was coneceived during the COVID pandemic, a time of extreme isolation in a city where all we often have is each other. We defy all cones of uncertainty, and built an community of devotees of the Cone and its sacred calling.

We Conetribute.

The Cone that inspires us protects those around it from the unexpected danger of having no road (or sidewalk) where a road is supposed to be. We strive to help others, to protect them from the metaphorical potholes of this city, to assist them after they’ve encountered one of life’s potholes, and to make life a little brighter orange and more colorful.

We Conefound.


We dazzle, glitterfy, and conefound. Doug McCash can’t seem to get enough of us.


Our conegregation meets the first weekend of every month. Conus members, the cone curious, or just those who are looking to make friends are welcome.

We hold conecil meetings monthly, for all those who are interested in taking a greater leadership role in ensuring the conestancy and conetinuation of the Cone.


On “Sinkhole de Julio”, we cleaned up the riverfront.

After Hurricane Ida, we provided wellness checks, got people the resources they needed, managed a map of available resources, and coordinated with Cajun Navy to help those further down the Bayou.


A sacred Megacone is conesecrated, protected, and honored.

An incapacitated parade-goer is ferried home in a wheelbarrow.

Potholes of historical significance or circumference are honored.

We design and distribute mini-cones and mini-shovels.

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