Ongoing Initiatives

Ongoing Initiatives

Project Pothole

Cones are perhaps most frequently used to alert us mere mortals to the existence of potholes (or developing sinkholes) in our paths. While Orleans Parish laws prohibit private citizens or nonprofits from repaving potholes, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything to help protect New Orleans residents & their car’s axles from the pervasive problem.

The Cone stands strong to alert us to the threat, and we flock to its beacon to assist in its sacred mission. Conetact us by email to get involved.




Project Cone Home

June 1st marks the start of hurricane season. And we mark the start of hurricane season by meeting to pre-plan how we can best help the New Orleans community in the days and weeks after a natural disaster. Before a storm in the Gulf even gets named, we set up our basic infrastructure, plan how to share information, allocate resources, and delegate predicted responsibilities.

After the last major hurricane (Ida, 2021), we conducted nearly 50 checks for evacuees worried about their home or loved ones worried about their family in New Orleans. We aggregated, mapped, and distributed information about 100s of emerging community resource centers and charging stations. We also provided a steady stream of volunteers to Cajun Navy Relief’s support for our neighbors in the southern parishes.

Anyone interested in contributing to Project Cone Home - Season 2023 is invited to attend our planning session on June 3. Want to chat about how you might contribute before then? Conetact us by email.




Operation Glow

A super top-secret operation, spoken only under the Cone of Silence, facilitated by anonymous parties. Have I piqued your interest? Attend some of our krewe events and you might just hear whispers. Can’t stand this Cone of Uncertainty? Ask around.

Share Your Ideas

Your involvement (and city hall’s lack of involvement) ensures The Cone’s omnipresence. So tell us your ideas for how we can help make life for New Orleanians a little easier and a little less hazardous. No matter how half-baked or cockamamie they may seem, I promise that we’d love to hear them. Conetact the conecierge to tell us all about it.