Parades and Socials

Monthly Meet Ups

The first weekend of each month, we meet at a local bar or brewery to enjoy some coneradierie. The exact day and time each month is given with great conesideration for the festivals and football schedules important to our fair city. These monthly meet ups are a great opportunity to dust off some of your orange attire, enjoy some silly coneraderie, and welcome the cone-curious. Come see us at the next one.

Mardi Gras Parades

Having formed during the COVID 19 pandemic, Mardi Gras 2022 was our first chance to hit the streets en masse. And hit the streets we did! We provided crowd cone-trol for krewedelusion’s parade, and marched with Krewe of Red Beans on Lundi Gras. Oh, how the Cone has grew in one year! In 2023, we marched with krewedelusion as a full-fledged innerkrewe on Sunday, February 5th. And on February 20th, we marched under very own banner on Lundi Gras!

…and we’re already starting to plan for Mardi Gras 2024. The greatest aspiration of some of conegregants is that we add a dancing subkrewe/conetingent—primarily dancing to The Safety Dance. Sign up if you’re interested in participating.

And More!

Where ever two or more are gathered in the Cone’s name, the Cone is there shining its glorious light (or shade, when it gets too hot) on you.

In 2022, we added 6t’9 Social Aid & Pleasure Club’s Pumpkin Parade during Halloween weekend to our list of annual activities. The year’s theme, Safety Sixth!, was too enticing to pass up. It also didn’t hurt that it was a way to support The Treme Kids and Backstreet Culture Museum, march with Big Chief Victor Harris, Spirit of Fi Yi Yi, and give candy to strangers!


Krewe of Conus Throws 

Each Krewe of Conus parader designs and creates their own signature throw.

Some make wooden doubloons, metal pins, or car decals. Others make potholeders, bedazzled shovel spoons, or champagne glasses. Others share cosmic brownies during these trying times.

What unites all our throws is an aspiration towards sustainability and utility. And probably more orange glitter than anyone imagined existed.

Feeling uninspired? In preparation for Mardi Gras we host, and encourage you to host, crafting parties to learn the art of crafting throws and costumes, brainstorm ideas, and enjoy some coneraderie.

Check out our crafting events, or let us know you’re willing to host fellow coneheads at your place for some crafting.