Become a Conegrant

How to Become a Conegregant:


1. Offer your fealty to the Cone with an annual tithe (membership dues)

Krewe of Conus’ membership year runs from the first day after Lent (2/22/23) to the following Mardi Gras day (2/13/24). Membership enrollment closes on Twelfth Night (1/5/24).

Access and equity are important to the Krewe of Conus. To help ensure Conus membership remains accessible to everyone, tithes are paid on a sliding scale. Choose the rate that best fits your situation. Your membership in Conus is the same no matter which rate you choose. Rates:

     Cone-sponsor (sustainer):  $150
     Coneonical (standard):       $100
     Conesiderate (equitable):    $50

Contact the conetroller to discuss which rate fits your situation.

pay your 2024-25 dues

2. Serve to the Cone

To be considered a Conus member (conegregant) in good standing, you are expected to serve the sacred mission of the One True Cone in some way or another for 2+ hours each membership year.

Your imagination is the limit in how you fulfill this service expectation. Participate in one of our ongoing community initiatives. Attend a Conus community service event. Help maintain a relic of the MegaCone. Do something wholesome for your neighbors that aligns with the guiding spirit of Conus. Even better, invite some coneheads to join you!



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